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Affixes can be added to a costume by paying a Crafter some elements and credits. There are two types of Affixes, Offensive and Defensive, and 4 grades of affixes (1-4). Each costume can have one affix of each grade, for a total of four Affixes. You can mix and match Offensive and defensive affixes, but only one of each grade. IE: Grade 1 Offensive Affix Grade 2 Defensive Affix Grade 3 Defensive Affix Grade 4 Offensive Affix

If you try to add an affix to an item that already has one of the same grade, you will overwrite the previous affix.


[edit] Cost

The elements requires changes for each character, we are currently collecting data as to which characters require which elements.

  • Grade 1 Offensive/Defensive: Various Ordinary Elements & 500 Credits
  • Grade 2 Offensive/Defensive: Various Fundamental Elements & 5,000 Credits
  • Grade 3 Offensive/Defensive: Various Essential Elements & 25,000 Credits
  • Grade 4 Offensive/Defensive: Various Complex Elements & 150,000 Credits

[edit] Character Specifics

Character Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Black Panther
Black Widow
Captain America
Daredevil Ionicordinary.png, Genomeordinary.png Ionicfundamental.png, Genomefundamental.png Ionicessential.png, Ionicessential.png, Genomeessential.png Ioniccomplex.png, Ioniccomplex.png, Genomecomplex.png
Emma Frost
Hawkeye Nanotechordinary.png, Nanotechordinary.png Nanotechfundamental.png, Nanotechfundamental.png Nanotechessential.png, Nanotechessential.png, Nanotechessential.png Nanotechcomplex.png, Nanotechcomplex.png, Nanotechcomplex.png
Human Torch
Iron Man
Jean Grey
Luke Cage
Ms Marvel
Rocket Raccoon
Scarlet Witch Astralordinary.png, Genomeordinary.png Astralfundamental.png Genomefundamental.png, Genomefundamental.png Astralessential.png, Astralessential.png, Genomeessential.png, Genomeessential.png Astralcomplex.png, Astralcomplex.png, Genomecomplex.png, Genomecomplex.png
Squirrel Girl
Storm Genomeordinary.png Genomeordinary.png Genomefundamental.png Genomefundamental.png Genomeessential.png, Genomeessential.png, Nanotechessential.png Genomecomplex.png, Genomecomplex.png, Nanotechcomplex.png
Wolverine Genomeordinary.png, Genomeordinary.png Genomefundamental.png, Genomefundamental.png Genomeessential.png, Genomeessential.png, Nanotechessential.png Genomecomplex.png, Genomecomplex.png, Nanotechcomplex.png

[edit] Affix Bonuses

Here we have outlined the availiable affixes that can be applied to your costume. Theses affixes are random and the only way to get a specific affix is to continue to apply new affixes until you get it.

[edit] Offensive

Stats Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Critical Chance (1-4) (1-4) (1-4)
Damage on Critical Hit (9-21) (14-22) (19-33)
Defense Penetration to Basic Attacks (21-35)% (21-35)% (21-35)%
Increased Attack Speed (4-7)% (5-8)% (4-7)%
Increased Damage (3-6) (6-7) (7-10)

[edit] Defensive

Stats Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Defense +(13) +() +()
Dodge chance (1-3.2)% (1-3.4)% (1-3.9)%
Increase Health % (4-10)% (4-8)% (8-11)% (10%)
Increase Health Maximum +(20-32) +(23-33)
Regenerate Health when you defeat an enemy +(6-11) +(13-15)
Regenerate Health when you hit with a basic attack +(4) +(4-6)
Tenacity +(20) +(19-22) +(19-22)

[edit] Contributors

Most of this data was taken from so full credit goes to the site, i have listed the same thanks on this page that is on the other site.

Special thanks to: Cokewhitetiger, mordiaken, newman_justin40, aspergillus01, tnx, MegaRocketRacoon, mmonkeyfeet, mprine, profDEADPOOL, nissin, poltergeistt, cweaver, motox831, Vanic, TheBrandonOne. wasdy1, CommissarSCV, tomatmarvelheroes, gearsnbeers, iambaz, ActionSloth, gelato