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Every Hero in Marvel Heroes has a Medal Slot that can fit either a Medal or Medallion.

Medals & Medallions are dropped every time a boss is defeated and can be equipped by anyone, but like all gear they are Bind on Equip.

The difference between a Medal and Medallion is: Medals are dropped from a boss during the missions and has lower stats than a Medallion.

Medallions are dropped from bosses killed in a Terminal, have higher stats than Medals and always have '+1 to current rank of all powers'.

[edit] Are Medallions from different Terminals & Places Different?

A question that frequently comes up, are the medallions from different areas able to roll different stats? From the sample set we have so far we can safely say that a medallion the drops from a boss on the Hellicarrier will roll higher stats than a medallion that drops from the same boss at Avengers Tower.

We are still trying to gather enough data to determine if Green Red and Purple terminals all drop higher or lower stats. Until we determine if they are the same, we will list the stats for each individual medallion, so each medallion will have 6 versions of itself.

[edit] Medals

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